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Format Requirements

Document Type: Microsoft Word

    1.     Font= Times New Roman 12

2.     Paper Size + A4

3.     Margins:

       Top Margin = Inches (2.24)

        Bottom Margin = Inches (2.24)

        Left Margin = Inches (1.58)

        Right Margin = Inches (1.58)

        Gutter = Inches (0)

        Header Distance = Inches (1.97)

        Footer Distance = Inches (2.09)

  • Even page header must include the contributor’s name in italics (font size is 10)
  •   Odd page header must include the title of the paper (or part of it) in italics (font size is 10)
  • The title of the paper must be capitalized
  • For the Works Cited and Notes, see any of the recent issues of the Proceedings

Please check the MLA and APA Documentation for other required formats.